About the project

Project consists of 5 main activities, systematically executing project’s aim: 3 workshops, international Symposium and continuous student research.


Workshops are organized by Farm in the Cave and will take place in Prague. Project partners-Art Universities will send their chosen students to events in Prague and provide them with basic theoretical background. Students will take part in 2 acting workshops and 1 workshop focused of directing and dramaturgy (students will witness and assist in creating new performance of leader here). Partner pedagogues will be observing parts of process to get direct access to unique theatre methodology.

All workshops will be lead by company’s members and other experts and will be accompanied by: presentation of Farm in the Cave’s expeditions video material, attending theatre’s rehearsal and performances followed by seminars discussing shows with guest theatre experts.

Workshops will concentrate all essential practical skills of this awarded company and represent project’s part of sharing practical theatre experiences.

17. – 21. 12. 2014
Workshop Musicality in Theatre and Scenic Art in Music

24. – 28. 4. 2015
Workshop The Creation of Action and Physical Text

May 2015
Workshop of Directing and Dramaturgy

International  Symposium “From the Research to the Performance”

Do you know how to create a performance out of an experience with the unknown? What intuitive artistic research is and how it can inspire a human body on the stage? What is the path that goes from an authentic life experience to a highly aestheticized gesture? What unexpected impulses can be used for creating of a theatrical situation? Come to peep into the kitchen of significant physical theatre creators and visit The Farm in the Cave International Symposium.

Jozef Fruček (Greece-Slovakia), choreographer and director of RootLessRoot Company, will speak about ways he builds up his performances. Kristina Mogilnicka (Poland)and Viliam Dočolomanský (Czech-Slovakia) will uncover some extracts of materials that Farm in the Cave has gained during researches in Brazil and Brussels. Julie Kočí will confront the last performances of both ensembles „Colective Loss of Memory“ and „Whistleblowers“ with the latest piece of DV8 Physical Theatre „John“. The symposium will be concluded by Hungarian theatrologist Attila Szabó. It will be opened and moderated by Jana Návratová.

Speeches given by artists and crtics from Visegrad region will represent project’s part of sharing theoretical and practical theatre knowledge. Partners-Universities will send their students to this event.

Many facts dealing with theoretical background of company’s work including exporting V4 culture outside V4 countries will be spoken here and shared with students.

Free entrance! REGISTRATION HERE:http://goo.gl/forms/JNHDISdrLt

23. 4. 2015 – 10:00
Symposium From the Research to the Performance
Experimental Space NoD, Prague

Book Farm in the Cave

In continuous research collaboration with students for all the project duration, book on Farm in the Cave history will be published.