Musicality in the theatre and scenic art in music

Lucia Pohronská – VŠMU, Bratislava

Try to see by ears.

Listen silence, who you are doing. How is music between you and your partner? I never think about intentions between partners on stage, that I can hear music. But I started to hear it. I started to see, what is ongoing between us. This workshop opened me a new view on partner work. I liked to know about contemporary dance something more and I liked to discover easiness of the vocals, which they have in the performances. A lot of answers I got to questions inside me. We worked with defferent centers in our body, which was lead us, we tried to focus to one, two, three points in our body, which leaded us. The work with light we create in front of us and on our back, it was very interesting for me. We tried to see everywhere without our eyes. Then we could feel each other around us.

Exercises about singing and finding registers was exculpatory for me. We could feel the way where our voice fathom and members of Farma helped us find the most low and hight tones, that we were free and relaxed. They learned me feel singing like everytime changing river. Water, which is flowing through the stones, twisting, once is fast, once peacefull.

We tried to express five exact verbs, which were ongoing in our body during the song “Prečistaja mať”. Next, we gave this five verbs to our new structure. Feelings and verbs should be very specifically. This information was very important for me. It can helps me on making new performance, in which the words are not playing main role.

Viliam Dočolomanský said a lot of very interesting informations. Everytime I tried to write everything, because it is important for me. I must admit, that I understand more then I can enunciate. I am pleasure. Thanks!