Reflection on Musicality in the theatre and scenic art in music workshop

Nikolo Bahul – AKU Banská Bystrica

First day of Workshop start that way, we were all afraid from. We presented our prepared physical etudes. We got 5 minutes to refresh our structures and one-by-one presentation began. But at first we made a big circle and under the leadership of Viliam we started creating rhythm. We made three groups and we were creating sounds by feet, hands or voice. How was the rhythm all time changing, we changed our “musical instruments” for many times.

The first and main information we got at the beginning of the workshop was, that the most important is listen, always be in and perceive yourself and your surroundings. We have to feel common breath. Have the same flow.
For example when we were creating rhythm, we had some silent moments, but our inner flow was still breathing. Sound of rhythm was in background and when we started again, we started precisely. Not at first day, but later it was it!

We started to breath in common what was mainly the effect of a lot of exercices. For example, do moves in absolute silence and listen quietest sounds like creaking floor, bones popping, other breath…
Or we were walking in working area/space with imaginary lamp and we perceived only illuminated area. Like that, we were also walking backward, but without seeing where we go.

With Vany we did exercices, in which we don’t use hands. For example fall and get up from the floor without your hands, follow parts of your body, for ex. head, hips, in directions, but don’t move your feet from ground.
Also we did exercise, in which we showed, by part of our body, our relationship with ground, or with someone else in space. In some parts of body we did our full physical structure. This way we worked with inner movements. Later we were singing songs like are Prečistaja Mať, Korčene and other. We did different experiments, with which we were connecting moves from etudes with sound from different etudes or with song or texts.

On the workshop we met professor Jana Pilátová. With professor, who has personal experiences with acting work of Grotowski. We learned some information for our practice, but primarily about professors direct work with Grotowski and about his acting “school”.

Day after the workshop we saw performance “Theatre”. Physical performance performed by Farm In The Cave on the stage of Czech National Theatre.

Thank You

“Acting is like fairytale. Going somewhere, but don’t know where
and bring something, but don’t know what.”
– prof. Pilátová, Workshop FiC, Dec. ‘14