Rehearsal by Farm in the Cave

Lucia Pohronská – VŠMU, Bratislava

When you are in rehearsal of other company, you can peer flop to proces and to the habits of company. Discipline and big energy in every moment engage the attention me. I like when they focus on details and on things which are not visible, but you can feel it. What is ongoing between two dancers. Which centers and energy they are working.

Spectator doesn’t know to explain it, but he perceived atmosphere, relationships what are between actors, the energy, what is flowing between and their commitment. Viliam Dočolomanský with his company connect all aspects of musicality in theatre. Yes, we can say, musical doing the same, but here are absolutely different claims on actor. Here the actor must more feel his partners and get all skills together. The performances are author, the company Farma create it. Not only director. I like they way of creation. Traveling and collecting rythms, songs and atmosphere of cultures. In my opinion, they combine wery successfully their knowledges, absolutely different, for somebody imposible to combine. I am thankfull for possibility to peer to the kitchen of Farm in the Cave. Rehearsal was inspiration for me, but more than rehearsal gave me trainings.