Research project by Farm in the Cave International Theatre Studio

Demonstration against Monsanto Corporation

March against Monsanto took place on 25th May 2013 in bigger cities all around the world to demonstrate the public negative opinion on the world’s leading seed coropration.

Few dozens of places over the world joined the demonstration, although in Prague, there were just few dozens of demonstrating persons present. Action was peaceful and after about half an hour march through city centre ended in front of USA embassy where it continued for about an hour. 

Monsanto is one of the world biggest seed producing and distributing corporation based in many countries with headquarters in USA. It is known for genetically modify the corps to increase yield and better the plant characteristics, however this modifications are believed by many to be counterproductive and harmful for consumers.

Besides the GM (genetically modified) seeds of potatoes, soya, corn, cotton, etc. in also produces and sells number of herbicides to help plants grow chemically.

Team of Farm in the Cave theatre attended the March to record it on video. Here you can find few interesting moments.

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