Research project by Farm in the Cave International Theatre Studio

Documentaries about Corporations

Searching for material for our theatre project we came across many articles, studies, documents about lobbying and corporations behavior.

Probably the most accessible form for passing these informations is documentary movie. We have seen many of them, but if we had to choose the most impressive and disturbing one, it would definitely be canadian movie The Corporation from 2003 based on book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan.

Here you can watch the whole document.


On the other hand, there is recent docu-thriller made by film makers Friedrich Moser and Matthieu Lietaert named The Brussels Business from 2012 dealing with the industrial lobbying in EU directly. It shows the Brussels world as seen by lobbyists, activist and politicians.

You can find more about Brussels Business at


Both documentaries are recommended for those who wants to know more about the topic of world seen as corporate world.

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