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Monsanto vs. Séralini

Gilles-Éric Séralini is french professor of molecular biology who conducted research in 2012 on one of Monsanto’s products – RoundUp-resistant NK 103 maize that is GMO (genetically modified organism). Purpose of this research was the fact that EU research on new GM products is done on test subjects – rats – just for 90 days.

His study proofs that after this period rats started to suffer from severe tumors and were intoxicated. This statement is in opposition to official statement of EU that claims maize is safe.

Professor Séralini published his study and raise wave of both criticism and sympathy. You can find more at his web page dedicated to the study here http://gmoseralini.org/en/

Although Séralini claims world widely used RoundUp Ready maize and the RoundUp herbicide is harmful and toxic, his study is controversial for the fact many scientists blame him while many of them support him.

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