A site-specific project for the 4+4 Days in Motion Festival. The location of the former casino at
Pařížska Street #25 and the current socio-political situation inspired Farm in the Cave in their
concept, creating actions which subtly (and not so subtly) played with the surrounding reality.


A pair of drowsy Asians, a singer high on cocaine singing pop hits from all the European nations, and members of the security team who kept on increasing in number, creeping into the space.
Festival goers were set upon by actions by Farm in the Cave company members (and more than a dozen non-professional performers) in the former casino. Audience members themselves changed from observers into the observed, from onlookers into actual actors.

The intervention in the casino is part of the non-theater based line of the company’s work, on the border of performance and visual installation, where the installation and the action and the event in which one finds oneself are one and the same. The action makes a metaphor out of the location of the casino, and corresponds to the dismal socio-political situation.
The company plans to create similar projects for galleries and festivals.

Would you like to play with us?

The security guards were everywhere. If you were watching what they were doing to the people standing in front you, then you wouldn’t notice that there was another one standing right next to you. The audience were suddenly drawn into the action all the more because for a while they became the victims of the guards’ cold-blooded attentions … Their intervention was dynamic, full of adrenaline, but also full of funny situations. … Funny, well thought out, compelling, bringing us new experiences… Farm in the Cave knows how to do it!“ D. Zilvarová, P. Dotlačilová, Dance News


Performed by: H. Varadzinová, Jun Wan Kim, Nguyen Ti, Anatolij Hunanyan, David Hunanyan, Tom Rychtera, Radek Nečásek, Ondřej Tylšar, Michal Benda, Ondřej Novotný,
Honza Wardach, Marek Kaňka, Vojtěch Sláma, Lukáš Kossek, Pavol Mayer Čajka, Jakub Krejča



3.11. 2012, former casino at Pařížská 25, Prague

Creative Team

Concept and directed by Viliam Dočolomanský

Production and costume design Anna Solilová

Music Ollgoy a V. Dočolomanský

Sound design Ollgoy

Special thanks Sodja Lotker, Patrik Sedlák, Právnická fakulta UK v Praze, Hotel Intercontinental a Adam Švejda

For Promoters

Farm in the Cave’s standard space requirements for performances are as follows: a space with good acoustics which can also be completely silent during performances; typically we use a black box or site-specific space with minimal dimensions of 10 x 10 meters, with a height of 6 meters; at least 6 months before the performance our technical team of 2-4 persons must make a preparatory visit.

The maximum number of audience members at individual performances varies, but is usually no more than 450. 
The number of performers per performance varies between 5 and 13, and the technical – production staff is between 4 and 6 people.
The minimum number of performances presented in one place is 2. The company can play 2 performances per day are available on request – the latest start time is 21:00 local time.
The length of preparation and adaptation depends on the specific performance and local conditions, with a minimum of 1-2 days necessary prior to the day of the first production.
Financial requirements are available upon request at info@farminthecave.com.

The organizers pay for: fees; costs of shipping scenography; personnel transport; local transportation to the performance location; housing; per-diems; costs connected with preparatory technical visit. The organizer agrees to pay for costs of equipment rental if the space to be used does not have the equipment necessary.