Research project by Farm in the Cave International Theatre Studio



Political, economical and industrial lobby and lobbying is in EU and in V4 countries still hidden and unknown phenomenon. It is usually considered suspicious and in citizens’ opinions connected with conspiracy theories.

Some kind of lobbying activities are present in human cultures since their beginning. Despite its importance and essentiality it is not given the space for scientific nor popular reflection.

Lives of Eu citizens – our lives – are more or less influenced by political decision making, even influenced themselves. Term “lobby” includes various human activities trying to influence politics. In US, the very first law concerning the regulation of lobbyists’ activities was introduced in 1948. In EU, there is no such law. All attempts to introduce it were unsuccessful.

Lobby project

Project LOBBY organised by Farm in the Cave theatre studio is meant to raise overall awareness of political, economical and industrial lobby, to uncover this phenomenon in V4 countries and to activate recipients interest in his residential political area.

Interdisciplinary character is one the main features of project: it is co-created with politics sciences, psychologists, activists and theatre artists with ambition to approach the topic from various points of view.

This goal is being approached by several means and actions: performance research, organizing the scientific seminar and conference, creating the theatre performance by Farm in the Cave theatre studio and blog that will follow all this activities and inform about them.


Blog you are reading right now is a platform dedicated to regular presenting the results of the project with the public.

Results of the common activities done by project’s partners will be presented here as of speeches originally given during the seminar and conference. The most important and remarkable of them will be accessible from the blog as articles and video recordings.