Research project by Farm in the Cave International Theatre Studio



1.1. Look, this thing called light is in itself transparent, but obviously changes into something non-transparent.   1.2. We see things because they get in the way of light, which means that light has something to reflect from.   1.3. Where there is no obstacle, there is nothing. Or it’s as though there were nothing […]

Analysis of group irrationality

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" is Edmunt Burk’s famous statement. It makes each of us think of what we can do to prevent the spread of evil. We usually omit the basic question: "How to recognize the evil?". The Crusaders, while trying to liberate the […]

Special relationship of private companies and Hungarian state

It is the declared aim of the present Hungarian government to extend the sector of small and medium-sized national enterprises; while, in parallel with its aspiration, it has developed its rhetoric so as to increase the anti-foreign attitude in both the economic and political fields, as well as the civilian sphere. Recently the sub-secretary of […]

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For Regulated Lobbying

Many European NGOs dealing with political transparency see as the main problem of lobbying in EU its deregulation. Despite the fact USA had first law regulation law passed in 1948, EU is still waiting and – as claimed by NGOs – is still lacking essential transparency. For the ones who are interested in activistic point […]

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Documentaries about Corporations

Searching for material for our theatre project we came across many articles, studies, documents about lobbying and corporations behavior. Probably the most accessible form for passing these informations is documentary movie. We have seen many of them, but if we had to choose the most impressive and disturbing one, it would definitely be canadian movie […]

Video from Corporate Behavior Manifestations Seminar


Monsanto vs. Séralini

Gilles-Éric Séralini is french professor of molecular biology who conducted research in 2012 on one of Monsanto’s products – RoundUp-resistant NK 103 maize that is GMO (genetically modified organism). Purpose of this research was the fact that EU research on new GM products is done on test subjects – rats – just for 90 days. […]

Farm in the Cave visits Brussels

In first weeks of June performance research team from Farm in the Cave theatre visited EU headquarters in Brussels looking for materials for new performance. Willing to learn as much as possible about EU decision making process and phenomenon of lobbying, our team met several interesting people connected to the topic in different ways and […]

Demonstration against Monsanto Corporation

March against Monsanto took place on 25th May 2013 in bigger cities all around the world to demonstrate the public negative opinion on the world’s leading seed coropration. Few dozens of places over the world joined the demonstration, although in Prague, there were just few dozens of demonstrating persons present. Action was peaceful and after […]