Research project by Farm in the Cave International Theatre Studio

Corporate Behavior Manifestations Seminar

One of the main activities of Farm in the Cave theatre lobby research in 2013 was organizing the Corporate Behavior Manifestations Seminar. It took place in DOX – Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague on 29th July.

Seminar was dedicated to phenomenon Corporate Behavior – to particular manifestations of big multinational corporations behavior which main purpose is to profit but also to behavior of high managers of these corporations as human beings which some studies define as psychopathic ones.

Is it adequate definition? What is this specific behavior like?

We had luck to invite experts dealing with phenomenon of lobbying from various points of view, all of them giving a speech to the topic: David Ondračka – head of Transparency International CZ from Prague, Csaba Tóth – head of Republikon Institute from Budapest, Petr Vymětal from University of Economics in Prague, Ivana Vostárková – voice coach of corporate managers from Prague, Daniela Fischerová – czech expert on manifestations of human deceptive and manipulative behavior and Fedor Blaščák – slovak philosopher and critic. Seminar was hosted by Jana Pilátová – czech anthropologist.

Here you can find extracts from the speeches.

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