Research project by Farm in the Cave International Theatre Studio

Farm in the Cave visits Brussels

In first weeks of June performance research team from Farm in the Cave theatre visited EU headquarters in Brussels looking for materials for new performance.

Willing to learn as much as possible about EU decision making process and phenomenon of lobbying, our team met several interesting people connected to the topic in different ways and twice managed to visit the Parliament itself for a tour and committee meeting.

Member of Parliament John Stuart Agnew from UKIP dedicated his time to us and introduced us to parliament agriculture committee meeting. Another politician, Human and society development director in EU Commission Kristian Schmidt talked to us about important topic of influencing political decisions.

About the nature of lobbying as a profession we talked to lobbyists teacher Frank Schwalba-Hoth and successful professional lobbyist David Earnshaw from Burson Marsteller company.

Last, but not least we met people of very different kind – activists fighting for the higher regulation of lobbying in EU – Olivier Hoedeman from Corporate European Observatory and freelance journalist David Cronin.

Thanks all of these people for sharing their opinions and thoughts with us!