Research project by Farm in the Cave International Theatre Studio

LOBBY: Who manipulate us? Public debate in Žilina, Slovakia

public debate 
Thursday 5th of Decemer, 16:00
Stanica – cultural node, Žilina, Slovakia

How Lobbying works?  What has changed from times of secret police before 1989? Who manipulate our lives? Discussion led by Fedor Blaščák (Truc Sphérique, Žilina) and his guests about manipulation in pirvate and public space. Discussion is presented as part of LOBBY project of International theatre studio Farm in the Cave, which  is researching invisible mechanism of political and economic lobbying and its impact on regular citizen. Specific cases, interwievs with politicians, activists and journalists are generating inspirational material for creation of the new performance

Štefan Vrátny – bloger
Radovan Choleva, project "Vrtiet psom"
Tom Nicholson (not yet confirmed)
Csaba Tóth – Republikon Institute, Hungary

David Ondračka – Transparency International, Czech Republic

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