Research project by Farm in the Cave International Theatre Studio

Corporate Behavior Manifestations – Seminar


Farm in the Cave International Theatre Studio With cooperation of DOX Centre for Contemporary Art 29th July 2013, 11:00 ‚ÄúToday, corporations govern our lives. They determine what we eat, what we watch, what we wear, where we work, and what we do. We are inescapably surrounded by their culture, iconography, and ideology. And, like the […]

Farm in the Cave visits Brussels

In first weeks of June performance research team from Farm in the Cave theatre visited EU headquarters in Brussels looking for materials for new performance. Willing to learn as much as possible about EU decision making process and phenomenon of lobbying, our team met several interesting people connected to the topic in different ways and […]

Demonstration against Monsanto Corporation

March against Monsanto took place on 25th May 2013 in bigger cities all around the world to demonstrate the public negative opinion on the world’s leading seed coropration. Few dozens of places over the world joined the demonstration, although in Prague, there were just few dozens of demonstrating persons present. Action was peaceful and after […]

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