Farm in the Cave is inviting talented male and female performers to audition on 14th and 15th of October 2018. 

Published: 5. 9. 2018

Who you are? Physical performer / dancer / actor (male and female) 


  • An opportunity to work with professional artists in multi-award winning international company
  • A platform for developing your craft and gaining experience in physical theatre
  • Understudying physical character (part) in selected current show
  • An opportunity to contribute to the creation of the new projects
  • A two-years contract for the show
  • Process of understudy will last for approx. 14 weeks, starting from October/ November 2018

ESSENTIAL: A minimum age of 23, solid physicality and musicality in movement and expression, commitment to and a willingness to learn and grow. You must be flexible about time commitments and have basic English. Experience of a wide variety of theatre genres is preferred, but not obligatory.

WHEN: 1st round: 14 and 15 October 2018

               2nd round (for selected performers): from 24 to 28 October

Farm in the Cave has, during its 16 years of existence, developed own physical language based on the specific way of working with performers expression and intentions. According to these specifics, it is particularly important that candidates would be available also for the second round of audition, which takes form of an intensive 5-day workshop. They will be introduced to the principles of company's work and will have an opportunity to explore the methods more seriously and thoroughly.

WHERE: DOX Centre for contemporary art, Poupětova 1, Prague 7


Closing date is 24 September 2018. After this date the results will be announced and selected candidates will receive video material – physical structures, to understudy for the audition.