Mind if I ask you something?

Why are you lying?

Movement, live music, dynamics, energy, exaggeration, and a few words. The movement satire Czech Hero features a woman determined to meet those she does not understand.

The production loosely takes inspiration from the scandal and courage of journalist Ivana Svobodová for the creation of absurd movement characters and situations from a world we have to live in.

Her “mission” takes her to the living room of a pensioner who wanted to save “our little country” and thus became “the first Czech terrorist”: “It’s intriguing that someone’s chopping down trees, planning to derail a train, and pretending to be a muslim.” 

Do you also try to comprehend the incomprehensible?


4. november

Czech Hero

5. november

Czech Hero

19:00 - 19:00


"It's such a muddled world. You have to have a firsthand experience of these people, we can’t just tell each other that they’re walking misinformation and write it down or philosophize about it.''

In the show Czech Hero, the political and the intimate, the public and the personal, intertwine. The production is about the bonds we form with each other, no matter how alien we might be. About the relationships in a society of clashing opinions; about what we are willing to do for the world we want to live in.

Dynamic movement, word, live music, energy, exaggeration. As we are accustomed to with Farm in the Cave, the production is more concrete than dance and more abstract than drama.

For those of you who still care. Not just for liberals.

The production Czech Hero was created in co-production with the DOX Center for Contemporary Art and alongside subsequent educational programs it is part of the Online Hero project, which was supported by EEA 2014-2021 funds, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Prague City Hall, the National Recovery Plan and the ČEZ Foundation.

Created by Viliam Dočolomanský, Hana Varadzinová, Andrej Štepita, Michaela Králiková, Sebastian Jacques, Barbora Ješutová, Markéta Hrehorová, Sodja Lotker, Lucia Škandíková

Direction & choreography Viliam Dočolomanský

Assistant directors and choreographers Barbora Ješutová, Kamila Mottlová

Dramaturgy Sodja Lotker, Markéta Hrehorová

Music Štěpán Janoušek

Scenography Lucia Škandíková

Costumes Kateřina Jirmanová

Sound design: Eva Svobodová

Lighting design: Martin Špetlík

Sound Adam Veselý

Lights Vít Škoda, Lukáš Jíra

Production Eliška Seveldová

Production assistant Zuzka Borová

Visual identity of the project Patrik Svoboda

Fundraising Vendula Kodetová, Ania Obolewicz, Anely Jeromin, Ondřej Wald

PR Blue Gekko, Alice Škrlantová, Anna Nádvorníková

Special thanks Erik Bartoš, Lenka Drncová, Hedvika Máchová, Sebastian Jacques, Eliška Vavříková

Performers Hana Varadzinová, Andrej Štepita, Michaela Králiková, Matúš Szegho, David Králík, Štěpán Janoušek, Miloš Klápště






For Promoters

Farm in the Cave’s standard space requirements for performances are as follows: a space with good acoustics which can also be completely silent during performances; typically we use a black box or site-specific space with minimal dimensions of 10 x 10 meters, with a height of 6 meters; at least 6 months before the performance our technical team of 2-4 persons must make a preparatory visit.

The maximum number of audience members at individual performances varies, but is usually no more than 450. 
The number of performers per performance varies between 5 and 13, and the technical – production staff is between 4 and 6 people.
The minimum number of performances presented in one place is 2. The company can play 2 performances per day are available on request – the latest start time is 21:00 local time.
The length of preparation and adaptation depends on the specific performance and local conditions, with a minimum of 1-2 days necessary prior to the day of the first production.
Financial requirements are available upon request at info@farminthecave.com.

The organizers pay for: fees; costs of shipping scenography; personnel transport; local transportation to the performance location; housing; per-diems; costs connected with preparatory technical visit. The organizer agrees to pay for costs of equipment rental if the space to be used does not have the equipment necessary.