Farm in the Cave invites you to participate in our workshop PHYSICAL SCORE / IMMERSE PERFORMING, which will take place between 7th-11th December 2019 at DOX - Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague under the leadership of Viliam Dočolomanský and studio members.

Published: 8. 10. 2019

  1. - 11. 12.  2019, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic

“When you watch performances of Farm in the Cave, you don’t know whether you experience dance, theater, or concert. But one thing is clear - this is contemporary performing art” /Assen Assenov, Director of One Dance Week International Festival/

Farm in the Cave studio is known for its craft of expression of the performer characterised by personal engagement, immersion in the subject, musicality and high dynamics. Throughout the seventeen years of its existence, the company has become a platform for intense professional development for exceptional dancers, actors, musicians and performers from many countries. Ensemble developed its unique practises of working with expression of contemporary performer, which blurs the borders between the art of movement, music, and acting. 

In each of their long-term projects members of Farm in the Cave focused on researching current social issues and searched for different ways of how to embody them on stage. 

However, working with the physical score still remains the focal point of individual’s creative process.

The workshop will introduce participants to various ways of creating the physical score, focusing on the relationship between the inner structure and the outer composition of action - between rhythm and meaning, as well as between living presence and precise fixing of elements. It will inspire participants in their daily practice, thus leading them from training to creation. It will also strive to offer individual approach with respect to the momentary dispositions of each participant. Everyday a 6 hours long session including a break will consist of both - group and individual work.

Contemporary performer is not only considered to be an interpreter of choreography,music score, or dramatic situation, but they also become a creator and an engaged researcher of the topic themself.

The workshop will be led by Viliam Dočolomanský, holder of the European Prize New Theatrical Realities, as well as members of Farm in the Cave who have led numerous workshops both in the Czech Republic and abroad (Brazil, USA, Korea, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia etc).

The workshop is open for students, professionals of different performing arts, as well as for interested participants without previous professional experience. If overbooked, participants will be selected according to their motivation letters and CV / resume.

As part of the workshop, Farm in the Cave intends to choose a performer or trainee for long-term collaboration with the company.

Venue: DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Poupětova 3, Prague, Czech Republic

Workshop fee: 300 €

Deposit: 150 €, has to be paid in advance in Euro  IBAN: CZ3603000000000259627312, BIC (SWIFT), CEKOCZPP

Workshop capacity is limited.


We kindly ask you to register here

Closing date for the applications is 22.11.2019 or until the workshop capacity is reached.



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