The Online Hero project introduces political marketing to secondary school students via theatrical and acting means and gamification. The ensemble conceives “learning through play” as “learning through a theatrical play” -  in the sense of a performance or using acting techniques as tools to learn and remember. Farm in the Cave develops a workshop series that will focus on political marketing, disinformation and the bond between politicians and their voters. The Online Hero educational programmes are being developed hand in hand with an upcoming premiere of a performance called Czech Hero. In the performance, the ensemble works with a story of “the First Czech Terrorist” who attempted to derail two trains in 2017 under the influence of a political disinformation campaign. 


1/ Workshop: Politics as Theatre  (DOX Centre)
2/ Workshop: The Art of Political Marketing (in your school)
3/ The performance Czech Hero with a dramaturgical introduction and a discussion with creators

Target groups:

1st - 3rd grade Secondary school students


The Online Hero educational programme is designed for Czech speaking students. However, we will be very pleased to create an English version if asked for it. In case of any questions, please let us know at:

Markéta Hrehorová
Educational Programmes Manager
+420 774 703 768


Umělecko-vzdělávací programy

The Online Hero educational programme for schools is supported by:Loga_NPO+čez