Film version of the project Ephemera.


The project Ephemera was originally created as a live performance that would fulfil the imposed anti-epidemic measures. From the circulating cabins of the paternoster lift, spectators were to watch parallel events happening across six floors of the Lucerna Palace. Since we were not allowed to realize the project live, we decided to make the 45-minute performance as a film.

Performed byEliška Vavříková, Gioele Coccia, Andrej Štepita, Eleftheria Iliopoulou, Julian Hajduk Brown, Lukas Blaha, Barbora Ješutová, Barbora Nechanická, Monika Částková, Simona Dejmková, Matĕj Petrák, Karolína Grygarová, Kamila Růtová, Jakub Kohout, Eliška Řezníčková, Adéla Garabiková, Julie Kubrychtová, Omar Torrico, Hana Varadzinová and Marcel Bárta


Project supported by:

Realized in the frame of the project 'Sound - Action - Space' - Cross Disciplinary Practices for Contemporary Performers supported by Fund for Bilateral Relations EEA/NORWAY 2014-2021

Farm in the Cave is supported by a grant from the City of Prague in the amount of 1 700 000 CZK in 2020

          European Solidarity Corps


Preview 30th and 31st of December 2020
Premiere 28th of January 2021

Creative Team

Directed by Viliam Dočolomanský, Jiří Matoušek

Assistant director Juraj Augustin

Choreography Viliam Dočolomanský

Choreography assistant Hana Varadzinová, Eliška Vavříková, Monika Částková

Camera Václav Fronk

Camera assistants Yuri Dolgovv, Lukáš Kubiček

Editing Karolína Čejková

Scene and costumes Lucia Škandíková

Make-up Kateřina Egemová

Music Marcel Bárta

Sound Eva Svobodová

Sound assistant Jan Matoušek

Light design František Fabián

Light Marek Střížovský, Šimon Klimt, Šimon Janíček, Lukáš Jíra

Production Anely Jeromin

Production assistant Helena Musilová

Technical production Filip Rohde, Jan Šebek, Tomáš Vondráček

Rental of technical equipment Bratři s.r.o.

Producer Farma v jeskyni

Co-production Centrum současného umění DOX, Palác Lucerna

Special thanks Pavel Prokopius, Tomáš Tichý, Ondřej Kobza a Střecha Lucerny, Romana Lisnerová a Duncan Center, Eva Hajduková Brown a Tray Brown, Andrej Petrovič

For Promoters

Farm in the Cave’s standard space requirements for performances are as follows: a space with good acoustics which can also be completely silent during performances; typically we use a black box or site-specific space with minimal dimensions of 10 x 10 meters, with a height of 6 meters; at least 6 months before the performance our technical team of 2-4 persons must make a preparatory visit.

The maximum number of audience members at individual performances varies, but is usually no more than 450. 
The number of performers per performance varies between 5 and 13, and the technical – production staff is between 4 and 6 people.
The minimum number of performances presented in one place is 2. The company can play 2 performances per day are available on request – the latest start time is 21:00 local time.
The length of preparation and adaptation depends on the specific performance and local conditions, with a minimum of 1-2 days necessary prior to the day of the first production.
Financial requirements are available upon request at

The organizers pay for: fees; costs of shipping scenography; personnel transport; local transportation to the performance location; housing; per-diems; costs connected with preparatory technical visit. The organizer agrees to pay for costs of equipment rental if the space to be used does not have the equipment necessary.